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Here you will find the characters and spaceships this universe is made of. However, as I said on the home page, this universe doesn't have just one, unchangeable shape. In fact, it is the most flexible thing you could imagine - so flexible that I do not even consider it just mine. Actually, I'd like each one of you to think of it as his/her own, a place for everybody to go to for some healthy fantasies in space :)
Obviously, this doesn't mean that you can make money out of it... But for any recreational, non-lucrative purposes feel free to do whatever you want with it.
I'd very much like to fill the galleries on this page with YOUR visual interpretations of the Space Adventures universe, so if you are an artist (from decent to genius) in any kind of visual art (no movies, though) I'd love you to share your vision with the rest of us :) Don't send me anything before telling me, please ( I have a slooooow connection that any hefty file could easily kill)! But please share your art with us - write to macnight@inwind.it and I'll let you know how to send me your material :) Anything goes: drawings, paintings, photos, photos of sculptures, computer graphics, what have you, as long as it is about the Space Adventures universe! More info about each part of this universe can be found on the "Albums" page :)

I hope you'll help me fill this page! Thanks!
In this gallery you will find the few characters I have visualized for the albums. Oddly enough, most of them have an uncanny resemblance with yours truly... ;-)
This gallery features the spaceships and other technological stuff I have visualized for this series.
No pictures in this gallery, yet. Care to help fill it? Contact me :)
These are the characters created and drawn by Valerio Kientz for his own interpretation of Space Station Happiness - just a pen, a piece of dirty paper, a lot of talent, and a bunch of creatures came to life!
A great interpretation of Space Station Happiness by one of my favorite artists, "Yuki Oshi" - enjoy!
A short and funny comic strip set on a cargo ship right after the first adventure as told by the album Space Cargo: Atlantis. The story is based on the dream the author and I (and many others, I'm sure) share: we dream not to be forced to work for a living and just do nothing all day ;-)
Story and drawings by Voyager (of Syrian, see notes in the gallery)
No pictures in this gallery, yet. Care to help fill it? Contact me :)
No pictures in this gallery, yet. Care to help fill it? Contact me :)