Click on the picture on the left (right click - save as) to download the Space Station Happiness theme video with a few pictures I made, one by Valerio Kientz, and a lot by Yuki Oshi (please see The Universe page for their galleries), which are great and well worth seeing! :)

Here you can download some desktop wallpapers, just click on the pictures on the right that you prefer and they will open in a new page; save them to your hard disk and follow the usual procedure :)
Free Complete Track
This track comes from my CD "A Fake LIve Album" (click on the cover, info will open in a new window) and it is a (fake) live version of the Space Station Happiness theme, to download it click HERE.
From my notes for this album:
"The internet has given people the chance to find out the truth behind many things. The fact that fans could exchange information and bootleg recordings throughout the planet has allowed them to realize that most (all?) of the "live" albums we've loved over the years were not exactly live after all... Many were more or less heavily edited, others mixed live parts with studio recordings, others were even almost entirely re-performed and re-recorded in the studio. And mind: we're talking big names here, not unknown musicians! Of course, this is pretty disapponting, not because it's important that a musician can play his music live (it is not, not from my point of view), but because the fans' trust was betrayed. Besides, having listened to several of these bootleg recordings, I can say there was no reason at all for this: most of the music I heard was so much more emotional and exciting than what went onto the official releases! I just don't get it. Anyway, one day I was listening to one of those fake "live" records and - while enjoying it as I always had - I also felt a bit angry. I thought, "Well, anybody can make a live record that way!" And that's when I had this silly idea: I was going to make a fake live album, too, but I was going to say it was fake right on the cover."