SILENT SEAS (Classic EM series vol. 5)

I composed and recorded this album in just two weeks after over two months of no music making at all. Lots of things were going on inside of me during those months; still, whenever I sat down in front of my instruments to record something for my various musical projects, nothing came out. At one point I just stopped trying.
Then I finally realized that what I had to turn into music were those vast and silent seas of emotions that I was carrying around inside of me during that period, nothing else would have been right or expressed my real feelings. When I finally understood that, this album came out spontaneoulsy, with no hesitation.
Those silent waves became sound, at last.


It took 2 weeks to write Silent Seas. Unable to write a single note for two months, Mac realised that this immense emptiness which overpowered him was actually a number of hidden emotions that he could explore and translate into music. He started to write an opus where the blankness took form on beautiful sequences melodies and good Berlin School so much close to the moulding and romantic roots of the 70's.
Beautiful spectral layers mould a floating structure and Silent Seas opens on a middle-weight sequential swirl. A sequence which undulates with tonicity, in the shade of consistent synthesized layers which blacken a melancholic romanticism. Another sequence, neurotic this one, reorganizes a rhythmic structure choked in a loud ambiance like Redshift can blast.
From Afar deploys all the nostalgia within Mac with a superb piece where fine notes fly like snowflakes, in a static and metallic universe.
Short, beautiful and just before the astonishing Square Zero and its analog space universe. A slow cosmic waltz which undulates on a movement stripped of rhythmic life that a spiral sequence actuates by a movement which zigzags in a galaxy close to your home. The inertness takes again its rights, for a short period, before a heavy sequence curves a weighing and undulating rhythm. A cosmic rhythm on sequential loops and analog sound effects of the 70's, which surround synth solos which intermingle in this cosmic fairyhood. Beautiful Revival Berlin School.
A bit like its title suggests, Drained is slow and wavers on a pulsating corridor without life nor do harmony, before a spiral sequence and a synth with multiple layers make the movement iridescent.
"Unknown" weakens balance with a volute sequence with threatening loops whose echoes are muddled to a synth with piercing odes, close to scary stridencies.
Wishing it to go Away grasp this nightmarish universe with a slow atonic and melancholic movement, on a synth with desert harmonies.
Like an African Desert refreshes the atmospheres with a tribal tempo. The percussions become animated through a synth which breathes a metallic fog with constant resonances. The movement intensifies with an increasingly heavy structure wrapped into an intense musical opacity by synths and sequencers.
Beautiful sequential loops pulsate on a variance with hypnotic reverberations to get Outside of Myself out of its shell. The movement is slow and lulls in the shade a mellotron to the fluty breaths and choirs condemned by a heavy atmosphere, in spite of the presence of beautiful honeyed synth. A nice track, with hypnotic pulsations, which depicts the ambiguous universe of Silent Seas.
A beautiful opus devastated by interior demons which are flirting with a soft sum of happiness.

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