GREY LIGHT (Classic EM series vol. 4)
Grey, like memories of all those prayers that were left unheard.
Grey. like things that are always about to happen, but never do.
Grey, like the dirty water of a swamp that slowly sucks you in.
Grey, like the hope for a change that doesn't come, no matter what you do.
And you feel as if you were endlessly falling, with an angry knot in your stomach, with yet another door in the distance that could open to anything.
Grey, like the light that dimly illuminates a fierce stand against nothingness...
How much longer?


Retro fans should love Mac's "Classic EM" series, including this one.
"Left Unheard" is a great beginning, with a little bit of everything, from synth organ to sequencing to solid drumming and rocking guitar sounds.
"Doubts About It All" starts with cool deep space transmissions. Squelchy synths and a slowly repeating bass line come next, followed by warm pads and bright synths and sequencing to round things out.
"The Knot" is a brisk number that reminds me a lot of Dom F. Scab. Here again the guitar gives added kick. The track seems to stop midway through, but merely takes the time to breathe a bit before taking off once more.
"Another Door" is very spacey, like entering another dimension.
The hypnotic "Like Falling" is followed by the 25-minute title track. It alternates between dark atmospheric space passages and vintage synths and sequencing, though once it gets going the emphasis is on the latter.
Another great Mac album.

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Prolific composer and astonishing independent artist, Mac of Bionight composes produces and makes his own artworks with the intensity of its emotions. Neatly arranged, his independent catalogue includes series of project with names as diversified as the styles and musical visions. Just Music, while passing by Sci-Fi Music, Horror Tales and Classic EM, Mac touches everything in order to create amounts of atmospheres that will fit all situations.
Grey Light is parts of Classic EM Series. A collection highly inspires of 70's music, more precisely Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and the Berlin School area. Volume 4 of this series (Black Light 2006 being the very first one), Grey Light targets in a harmonious way a more aggressive Berlin School, with a more progressive rock approach then conventional EM.
Fine arpeggios spread through the dark and sad waves of a big intimidating church organ. They circle with unconcern, irradiating the first pulsations of a nervous sequence which zigzags with intensity on a synth with strange drones.
In contrast, Left Unheard unravels with obscure velocity where short harmonious passages and passive chords of an organ cross a discrete synth, before melting in an explosive rumble of percussion, driving out the romantic grey for heavy rock with powerful guitar riffs which revolve on a remainder of nervous sequence. A soft and savage introduction which recalls the good moments of 70's Mythos.
Quieter, the intro of Doubts About it All is a beautiful batch of chime notes which hop on a beautiful sequence to hesitant undulations. A synth breathes silky solos on a flexible sequence which becomes havier with invading pulsations.
Without a precise rhythm, Doubts About it All revolves on a contracted ambient, in a universe with sequences of variable developments and a synth with beautiful scratches which quietly die out in fine layers.
The Knot returns on the corrosive traces of Left Unheard. A heavy title where delicate arpeggios circle on heavy riffs and good solos.
From heavy to tender: Another Door is of a tenderness to take your breath away. Atonic and dark on a superb sinuous mellotron, the crystalline chords melt in a poetic structure with a superb flute which takes us to the doors of a morphic wind.
Like Falling, presents a movement of infernal descent. A fall in the abysses on a sequencer with torrent-like loops, which envelops us in a distressing world with vaporous breaths spectral synths.
After a dark and heavy intro, a pulsating sequence wakes Grey Light rhythm. Magic percussions with strange resonances animate a nervous sequence, seizure of a synth with heavy circular drones instilled with solos to the eroded hems. Grey Light oscillates between the precise rhythm and the uncertainty of its melodious direction. A long movement with ambivalent structures which pass from atmospheric nebulosity to a straight rhythm, on a superb undulating sequence which bathes in an extremely harmonious synthesized universe. Thereafter, a soft Neuronium morphic passage settles vaporously before taking again life on neurotic sequences with very aggressive synth solos.
Complex Berlin School which astonishes at each listening. This is the magic of Mac

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