SPACESHIP DENEB - Raumshiff Deneb (Space Adventures series vol.1)
With this record I wanted to evoke the atmospheres of the old sci-fi novels and films mainly from the 30's, 40's, and 50's. However, my intention was not to recreate the soundtracks of those flicks - though they are an obvious reference - but just to provide both the listener and myself with a sound environment that could conjure up the same sensations as that fantastic era when the sense of wonder was still alive...
So, if your dream has always been to go to the forbidden planet, turn off the light, lie down and set your imagination in motion!


This album is subtitled Space Adventures Series Vol. 1, which is apropos. Mac loves old sci-fi movies, and this fits right in, right down to the eerie alien self-portrait photo. After a brief space intro, "Threatening Planet" starts low with a sense of foreboding. A metallic pulse ebbs and flows softly. This one develops very slowly and subtly, particularly for a Mac composition. No bouncy sequencing or cute melodies here. Very cool stuff. "Stars are Beautiful" paints a similarly stark sonic picture, mostly cool abstract sounds strung together. It reminds me very much of Dr. Fiorella Terenzi's CD of deep space transmissions, Music From The Galaxies. It is daring minimal musical experimentation, and it totally works. Mac reaches further into the outer realms with "Starless Tunnel," and one begins to wonder how deep into space we will go. Finally, some light at the end of the black hole appears in the form of "Universe's Perfection." While a touch melancholy, it seems bright by comparison to its predecessors, with softly rolling synthesizers forming a gentle melody. The next three tracks are much like the alien sound worlds created on Louis and Bebe Barron's classic soundtrack to Forbidden Planet. The disc closes with a light sequencer-based tune, "Spaceship Deneb Theme." This is a great thematic work, my favorite Mac solo album.

Phil Derby, Electroambient Space (U.S.A.) - Click HERE to visit his website