A DECEITFUL HAND (Just Music series vol. 3)
Life is sometimes so unfair that you really wonder who’s dealing the cards,and if he’s doing so with a deceitful hand… Life is like walking backwards, without seeing where we’re going. But fortunately, there are also some positive things in life, and people who are like light. One of them is for me the big, bearded guy you see in the pictures below. He's my deeply beloved brother-in-law/friend Eros. I wrote track no.3 (The Right Place) to put into music the profound sense of peace and joy I feel when we're together. This song is obviously dedicated to him. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are – for being the right place for me...
In this life we live in a hurry, where sometimes things are not as they should be, where any good thing seems to demand pain in return, like tears behind the sun, all we can do is hope and pray to find the drive to turn unpleasant times into something beautiful, like a winter in Japan.

By the way: the voice you can hear in track 4 (Cards) belongs to Eros, I took it from a videotape we made of one of our wild card games :)

Mac is one half of the Italian duo "BIOnighT". Out of the running for a while due to a horrific chainsaw accident, he is now back in action and is more productive than ever before.
Beside his job - consisting of several functions - he is usually simultaneously busy with about ten projects in order to realise all of his different musical ideas, and he has divided these into several categories. This album is, thus, the third in the "Just Music" series. On it are thirteen numbers (including one bonus track - "Cards", a version of an existing song minus vocals - and a "Hidden Track" containing a recitation of an Italian text) with a total playing time of over 54 minutes.
Here are melodious, light-footed tunes that are completely digitally recorded with a note on the sleeve that proudly proclaims that no loops or samples were used.
The opening, organ tones in a minor key, is rapidly joined by a low-pitched sequence and electronic percussion. Following that, the mood becomes jollier with more rhythmically-based music in the style of Space, Nova and the instrumental synth-pop of Depeche Mode; a definite wink in the direction of this popular form of EM from the mid-eighties. "The Right Place", dedicated to his brother-in-law Eros, has a slight TD influence with the tempo dialled on to 'disco'. A couple of tracks (my favourites on this disc) have less of the disco-style rhythm but lean more in the direction of, for instance, Michael Garrison ("Some Drive" and "Not As It Should Be"). This is an exceptionally enjoyable album and unequivocally recommended to all fans of the genres and artists mentioned here.

Menno von Brucken Fock - E-Dition magazine (The Netherlands) - Click HERE to visit the magazine's website and click HERE to visit Groove's catalog

More bright and light tracks from the mysterious Mac from Italy. “Who’s Dealing the Cards?” makes for a subdued but engaging beginning. This is followed by the marching beat of “Walking Backwards,” an irresistibly catchy number, as is the even bouncier “The Right Place.” It would be hard if not impossible to be depressed while listening to these songs. Most of the tracks are bubbly and energetic, although “Some Drive” surprises by changing into a whooshing wind for the last minute. Softer and a little slower than the rest is “Not As It Should Be,” which is relaxed and quite pleasant. Though the light optimistic numbers are well done, a few more variances in the highs and lows such as this may have resulted in a stronger impact. Nonetheless, if you like upbeat melodic EM, there is plenty to appreciate here.

Phil Derby, Electroambient Space (U.S.A.) - Click HERE to visit his website

Again I was lucky enough to receive two CD's from this very well talented musician on the EM scene. Mac can easily be described as someone who certainly knows his way around in writing /mixing music in a home studio environment. There's no doubt that we are dealing with an artist who expresses himself thru music and who's capable of finding the right composition/melodies for his inner moods. Another very strong aspect is his sequencing ability; there are some sequencing lines in his tracks that deserve to be called fantastic.
A Deceitful Hand starts with a very nice intro that is immediately followed by a nice sequencing track, Walking Backwards, which has a strong melody. The Right Place is one of my favourites 'cause everything simply falls into the right place. Mac dedicates this song to his brother-in-law/friend Eros. Good drums and sequencing plus a melody that gives you a happy feel, you wish to listen to this track over and over again. Cards opens and is further backed up with samples of Eros's voice that were captured on video during a card game. The samples are well placed and give the track an extra dimension. Tears behind the sun features free hand melodic patterns, Hurriesque is driven by pulsating basslines with rock-organ melodies that fit nice in the sound spectrum, supported with the right drums and sound effects. Hoping and praying reflects the title, while Winter in Japan leans on a beautiful eighties sound that has some Japanese influences; the break is effective and inventive. Some drive is driven by a nice reggae feel in the supporting chords and is followed up by strong ' Mac ' sequencing in Not as it should be. Like light is in my opinion a road movie soundtrack, the kind that makes you want to jump in your car and ride into the setting sun. Hidden track is built around Eros's voice and the Cards remix is a suitable end.

Godfried Stockman, musician (Belgium) Click HERE to visit his website