APHASIA (Just Music series vol. 1)
Believe it or not, this 21 – track album was arranged, recorded and partly written in just three weeks with the sole exception of two songs (that’s an average of over one song a day, if you count also the around five tracks I discarded...), while I was also mixing BIOnighT’s album “Afterpost 2001” and remastering yet another album of mine!
I mention FaBIO (the other half of BIOnighT) several times in these notes, as our friendship was going thru a very tough time during that period, and I was trying to remind myself how very important he is to me, in spite of all the difficulties we sometimes have in our relationship.
This album is a peculiar work for me, since it features several different styles, while I normally tend to group songs according to their genre. I guess I just needed to say many things that had been inside of me for too long, and to represent some of the different aspects of my personality and approach to life. With this variety, you are hopefully bound to find at least one track that suits your tastes :-) Enjoy!
Note: all tracks were written, arranged, and performed by Mac in 2001, except where indicated.

Released by SynG@te

Aphasia has 21 tracks, and it starts with a 3-minute gem called "Inward." One of the coolest sequences I've ever heard carries it along, with understated synth work in the foreground. It hits a sweet spot from the first second. With so many tracks, it's a fair bet the listener will find their own favorites. "The Whole Picture" is bouncy EM pop, and is a more than fair imitation, intentional or not, of latter-day Tangerine Dream. Bright piano and synth guitar sounds make a pleasing melody over a fast-paced steady beat. "Rachel" has a romantic feel to it without being too sappy. "Streetlamps" even has an element of cool jazz. There's a bit of everything here, not only in terms of style but also in terms of Mac's history, some of the tracks dating back to the mid-1980s. As such, it feels a little more like a sampler than a solo album. This could be a good starting point if you want a broad overview of the music of Mac.

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