ANOTHER SEASON (Classic EM series vol. 6)

Sometimes you feel a new season is beginning in your life...


Mac is back with Another Season, another in his “Classic EM” series. I especially like the opener, “End of Summer,” which starts soft and gentle, then sweeps in on majestic tones that would make Vangelis proud. “Rainy” starts in muted fashion, staying low-key as moderate sequencing and synth sweeps come in. “A Shelter from the Cold” has a more experimental bent to it, with odd swooshes and other electronics moving slowly about, quite abstract for the first four minutes, which could have been shortened. Finally the sequencing arrives and we move back into familiar retro territory as a nice lead line takes the melody and a few other synth layers are deftly folded in. “Dragged Into It (Like Falling 2)” moves briskly as if being pulled into a vortex. In the closing moments we apparently get drawn fully in, cast adrift into the void, a cool effect. “I’m Raining Part 1” paints pictures like soundtrack music, with shifting themes every few minutes. The first, third, and fifth movements are emotive; the second and fourth sections are more experimental. It would be interesting to know the storyline that Mac wrote this music around. “Part 2” is a full-on rock piece with drums and rocking guitar. Fans of early Mark Shreeve will really dig this, as do I. It softens considerably in the closing couple of minutes to bring the suite, and the album, to a close.

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