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Like so many artists all over the world, I live on a very tight budget which - quite simply - prevents me from buying all those costly music machines you can see under the fingers of people like Jarre or Vangelis. This has very often stopped me from making any music at all in the past, but fortunately that is no longer the case. Why? Well, because on this planet where everything and (horrible to say) every life turns on money, there's a bunch of mad scientists who create some wonderful virtual instruments and make them available for free to anybody willing and happy to make music with them.
These instruments and effects units called "VST's" are basically (for the non musicians among you) synthesizers etc. in the form of software; the machine is no longer a "physical" object, but an image on the computer screen that generates sounds and noises just like a "real" musical machine. The hardware versions of those machines would cost so much that so many people like me would be forced not to play, and therefore a lot less genuine, non-market-driven music would exist.
I've been using with more than satisfactory results all the free VST's I've found since the end of 2004. The limitations to creativity are very, very few. So, a HUGE "Thank you!!" goes out to all those brilliant, talented, and so very generous developers thanks to whom music can go on!!